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3d Engineers is about creating three dimensional structures and mechanics in a physics environment. Build bridges in 3D, 
but also combine materials like beams, ropes, hydraulics and plates with objects like rockets to build a tower, a dam, a vehicle, a spaceship, a crane, maybe a robot on land, the sea or in space. 
The game offers 2 different modes. One time more for the function with undestructable materials, when you need to engineer a logic function, mostly needed at testing mechanical procedures. 
The other more architectural mode challenges you with the need for stability, beams will crack, ropes rip under to much stress.

3dEngineers is a game around engineering and constructing. Creating ingenious architecture and mechanics in a physicalized world by combining materials like beams, ropes, interactive hydraulics and street segments. Construct one of the endless possible constructions and make them move, maybe through a selfmade world or space created in the leveleditor. In a mission campaign you will have to drive a truck over the bridges just made before. Bridges in the meaning to connect one point to another. This could be a bow bridge over a river, a crane to lift the truck up a mountain, a cable car to bridge a canyon or whatever is possible to realise with a limited amount of credits. So its important to build wise to get stability, -otherwise you could see an impressive collapse of the construction. To make that possible, you get an easy of access and strong 3D editor.